Romania 2018 Tour

Share the Gospel in Romania

Sing with Romanian Christians

Explore Romania's picturesque history

Meet friends from our old neighborhood

Taste strange (but good) new food

Tour Dates

July 2–16, 2018
The meeting point for rehearsal and tour will be in Holmes County, Ohio

Where We're Going

The exact tour route is still being determined, but will likely include highlights in eastern Romania.

Why We're Going

We love to sing, share the Gospel, and take friends to explore the wonderful place where we used to live.

About Voice of Light Chorale

Voice of Light Chorale is a ministry focused on enabling Anabaptist singers to share the Gospel through song in Romania. Our goal is to help each choir member grow in faith, develop as musicians, and learn through engaging with each other as well as with Christians living and worshipping in a different cultural context.

2018 Romania Tour

Our 2018 tour will take you through the winding streets of rural villages in the Carpathian Mountains, have you singing with church choirs three times the size of ours, invite you to exploring the picturesque capital city of București, and enjoying the food and hospitality of friends in our old neighborhood of Suceava.

You’ll have the chance to visit historic monasteries, watch a Romanian potter busy in his workshop, and connect with people whose lives are very different and yet very similar to ours.

Visiting Romania is rewarding and enriching, and we invite you to share this experience with us.

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Franklin Miller

Franklin Miller

Choir Conductor

For over ten years, Franklin’s family lived and served at the CAM Nathaniel orphanage in Suceava, Romania. Music was a significant part of Romanian life, and Franklin grew to love and appreciate music during his time in Romania. After returning to the U.S. in 2006, Franklin and his sister began Minerva Community Choir which he has conducted since it’s beginning. Franklin graduated in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Music from Kent State University where he served as the assistant for Kent Chorus. He and his fairly amazing wife, Brittany, live in Holmes Co. Ohio where he teaches music at Legacy Christian School. He also serves as an instructor at Shenandoah Christian Music Camps during the summer. As chorister, Franklin has served with Kent Chorale, Kent Presbyterian Church Choir, Sonnenberg Station, Canton Symphony Orchestra Chorus, Oasis Chorale, Heart & Voice, and Hope Singers. Very fluent in Romanian, he also serves as the language interpreter for the choir. Franklin believes that music should be dynamic, and loves to infuse life and energy into the music making process.

Jotham Yoder

Jotham Yoder

Tour Director

For more than two years, Jotham also lived with his family at the CAM Nathaniel orphanage in Suceava, Romania. Coming from a singing family, it didn’t take long for Romanian songs to become a part of his family’s everyday life. Jotham took up music composition as a hobby and later graphic design as a vocation. He currently runs an online store and serves as a graphic designer and a technical consultant for several organizations, including Shenandoah Christian Music Camp. Jotham was a charter member of Oasis Chorale, and has also sung with Hope Singers, Minerva Community Choir, Heart & Voice, and the SCMC Chamber Choir, and has served as tour director for Minerva Community Choir. A chronic traveller, he has to date invaded (but not taken over) more than 20 countries, and has no plans to stop. Still somewhat fluent in Romanian, he also serves as adjunct interpreter for the choir. Having been a choir member on international tours, Jotham has a vision for creating choir tours to help spread the Gospel that also make choir members of all ages say at the end, “I’d do that again in a heartbeat!”


What languages will we sing in?
We’ll sing about half of our songs in Romanian (you’ll get pronunciation guides) and half in English.
How long is tour?

Tour begins July 2 and ends July 16, 2018 in Holmes County, Ohio. Pre-tour rehearsal is March 23-25, 2018.

Is there an age limit?
We welcome those 18 years of age and older to apply. At the other end of the timeline, if you’re 90+ we very respectfully suggest shuffleboard in Florida as a possible alternative to tour.
What is the cost of tour?

Tour costs will be approximately $2500. This includes most tour expenses (airfare, most meals, and bus transportation).

How do I apply for tour?

Click here to apply for tour: Sign up

I've never travelled to another country. Yikes!!
Friend, you’ll be fine! A big trip can seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Just ask, and we’ll do our best to help you enjoy tour.

Questions? Just ask